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The look of your nose has an important bearing on your overall facial appearance. Many patients have nasal humps, bumps, bulbous tips, widened nose, and other aesthetic imperfections that negatively impact their facial looks. Some structural problems such as large turbinates, deviated septum, or valve collapse can even lead to breathing problems. Rhinoplasty – also referred to as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure to reshape the nose for both cosmetic and structural reasons.

Houston, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Balinger offers rhinoplasty procedures to patients in Houston, Conroe, and surrounding Texas communities. The surgeon understands that your best self is connected to your self-confidence. Working with a team of experienced clinicians, Dr. Christopher goes out of his way to make sure that each patient is comfortable, safe, and happy with their procedure outcome. He uses state of the art equipment and advanced surgical methods to achieve the best result while minimizing the risk of side effects such as scarring.

Who is a Candidate for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty – also known as nose reshaping – is a cosmetic surgery to alter and reconstruct the nose for cosmetic or functional reasons. You may be an ideal candidate for a nose surgery procedure if:

  • You are in good physical and emotional health
  • You are unhappy about the current appearance of your nose
  • You suffered from injury or a trauma-related nasal deformity and need it to be corrected 
  • You are self conscious about a nose that is crooked or misshapen


  • You are dissatisfied with the size of your nose
  • You have humps, depressions, or other aesthetic imperfections that you need corrected 
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about the outcome of rhinoplasty plastic surgery

When you visit Dr. Balinger for your first Houston rhinoplasty consultation, the surgeon will listen to you and examine your nose before letting you know whether this surgical procedure is for you. Rhinoplasty surgery is a highly individualized procedure. For this reason, Dr. Christopher recommends that you have this treatment out of your own choice, not because someone else wants you to.

Benefits of a nose job

Different patients have unique reasons for undergoing a rhinoplasty. For some, it is to enhance their facial appearance and self-confidence. For others, it is to change the size or structure of the nose in order to correct breathing problems. Regardless of the reason, there are unique benefits to this procedure:

Improve confidence

One of the main reasons why people have nose surgery is to correct cosmetic imperfections that they are generally unhappy with. Following rhinoplasty plastic surgery, many patients have an enhanced self-image and higher self esteem. Cosmetic rhinoplasty helps you get to the bottom of aesthetic issues so you can feel more confident about yourself.

Address snoring problems

For many patients, snoring is a hard challenge to deal with. Most people use over-the-counter products that only provide temporary relief. Experienced plastic surgeons can perform a nose job to permanently address snoring, leading to better sleep and a higher quality of life.

Restore facial symmetry

If you have a nose that is too narrow or too wide in relation to your facial structure, rhinoplasty can help you restore symmetry and balance. Plastic surgeons work to reshape your nose in line with your unique desires.

Correct birth defects

Nasal deformities such as curves, lumps, or underdeveloped nose may lead to children being bullied and feeling self-conscious while with other children. Rhinoplasty surgery repairs the nasal structure and improves the appearance so that your child can feel confident about themselves.

Repair a broken nose

The nose may be broken due to blunt injury or road accidents. Repairing the nasal structure through rhinoplasty can help alleviate the pain as well as restore the pre-injury appearance of the nose.

Improve breathing

Some people suffer from long-term breathing problems due to the shape or structure of their nose. Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery can help alter the nasal structure in order to alleviate congenital or long-term breathing problems.

Solve sinus problems

Headaches, sinus pressure, and constant nasal congestion can result in significant pain and daily discomfort. Rhinoplasty can help support drooping cartilage and open up nasal passages, thus allowing the patient to breath better and resolve chronic sinus problems.
Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. In 2019, there were more than 207,000 of these procedures performed in the United States alone. While most patients are generally happy with the result, the goal is to work with a skilled plastic surgeon in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Your Initial Rhinoplasty Consultation

During your first rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Balinger will ask questions and review your medical history to learn more about your health. The surgeon will also examine your nose and face before moving forward to the next step. This initial consultation – which is offered free of charge at Balinger’s office – is an opportunity to learn more about what this treatment entails, and what you can expect from the procedure.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Dr. Balinger has a number of rhinoplasty techniques that he can use to suit the patient’s requirements and goals of the surgery.

Closed Rhinoplasty – this is a nose reshaping technique where incisions are created via the nostrils. The surgeon will then augment, reshape, or rearrange the cartilage and nasal tissues so as to achieve the desired appearance. Once the reshaping is complete, Dr. Balinger will close the incisions and cover the treatment area. This type of rhinoplasty is recommended for patients who only require minor improvements in the appearance of their nose.

Open Rhinoplasty – this is a more intensive type of rhinoplasty surgery that aims to significantly restructure the nasal anatomy. The surgeon will create a small incision between the nostrils in order to gain a wider view of the internal nasal structures. The next step is to peel back the skin to reveal the internal structures. Once the bone and cartilage are manipulated and tissue reshaped in line with the goals of the surgery, the incision will be closed and bandaged. To reduce visible scarring, incisions created during open rhinoplasty tend to be very small (about 5mm in length).

Revision Rhinoplasty – this procedure is also referred to as a secondary rhinoplasty and is designed to correct the dissatisfactory outcome of an earlier nose job surgery. This is a highly complex procedure that requires the artistic eye of a highly experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Balinger will carefully review the original surgery then create a customized plan to achieve the desired outcome. Revision rhinoplasty may be performed as either an open or closed procedure.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty – some patients desire to achieve the benefits of a nose job but without undergoing invasive surgery. For these people, non-surgical rhinoplasty is the answer. Also referred to as nonsurgical nose reshaping, this technique entails using non-invasive treatments such as injectable fillers to change the angle of the nasal tip, smooth out sharp angles, and restore nasal symmetry. This type of rhinoplasty typically only offers temporary relief and can only address minor cosmetic issues.

Dr. Christopher Balinger is uniquely positioned to recommend the best type of rhinoplasty Houston procedure for you. The surgeon will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of each approach during your consultation visit at his Houston plastic surgery office.

Prepare for Your Rhinoplasty in Houston TX

Once Dr. Balinger creates a customized treatment plan for you, the surgeon will let you know how to prepare for the surgery. You will be asked to stop taking some medication and herbal supplements that can increase your risk of bleeding. Smoking is also forbidden in the weeks before the surgery because it can increase the risk of complications and impair healing. The surgeon will let you know what to do on the night before the surgery, and what supplies you need to have in place for a smooth recovery.

Your Surgical Experience

Nose reshaping is an outpatient procedure that is performed at Dr. Balinger’s in-office operating room or an accredited surgical facility. This surgery is usually performed in three steps.

Administer Anesthesia
Rhinoplasty may be performed under either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, based on the complexity of the procedure and the surgeon’s preference. Feel free to discuss the choice of anesthesia with the surgeon during one of your pre-op consultation visits.


Create Incision
The surgeon will create a tiny incision in the appropriate location based on the type of rhinoplasty being performed. The bone, cartilage, and nasal tissue will be reshaped and restructured in line with the goals of the surgery.
Close Incision
After all the desired contouring has been completed, the surgeon will close the incision using tapes, sutures, clips, or adhesives. The treatment area will then be bandaged to protect it.
The duration of surgery can range from 1 – 3 hours depending on the extensiveness of the procedure. Immediately after the surgery, you will be placed in an observation room where Dr. Balinger’s team monitors your vitals before you are allowed to go home for recovery.

Recovery After Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

How long it takes to recover varies from one person to the other based on the extensiveness of the treatment, and the patient’s unique healing ability. In the first few days following this procedure, many patients experience bruising, swelling, and pain. You will be given pain medication to help alleviate discomfort, as well as antibiotics to prevent infections. You can expect to resume normal activities after about 2 weeks. However, heavy lifting and strenuous exercise are prohibited until after 6 weeks. Make sure to adhere to the surgeon’s post-op instructions in order to ensure a speedy recovery. Dr. Balinger’s office is available to answer your questions and provide the support you need throughout the recovery duration.

Plan Your Procedure in Houston TX

Nose jobs prices can vary dramatically based on the extensiveness of the procedure. Most of Dr. Balinger’s nose job patients can however expect to pay between $6,000 and $10,000 for this treatment. Health insurers will typically not cover the nose job price unless it is being performed to address functional problems or defects resulting from injury or disease. During your consultation visit with Dr. Balinger, the surgeon will provide a cost estimate based on a personalized treatment plan developed for you. The surgeon offers financing options for his patients in Houston, Conroe, and surrounding TX areas.

Meet the Surgeon

Christopher Balinger, MD, brings keen professionalism to the operating table. With each patient, the surgeon creates a highly customized plan to achieve the desired procedure outcome while working to eliminate or minimize the risk of scarring and other side effects. Dr. Balinger is uniquely skilled to perform rhinoplasty procedures and a host of other cosmetic surgeries. He works with a team of highly qualified support staff who are committed to the safety and well being of their patients. If you are looking for the best plastic surgeon in Houston for your nose job, get in touch with Dr. Balinger’s office today.

Average Cost
$6,000 – $10,000
Procedure Time
1 – 3 Hours
Recovery Time
2 Weeks
If flaws with your nose make it the center of attention, you may be considering a nose job. Dr. Balinger offers rhinoplasty for men and women in Houston, Conroe, and the surrounding areas of Texas.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for the nose. Dr. Balinger may recommend a nose job to correct:

  • Nostrils that are out of proportion with the nose, such as being too small or large
  • Bumps or crookedness
  • Upturned or downturned tip
  • Disproportionate width

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is not intended to remedy problems with breathing and sleeping in the way that reconstructive nose surgery does, but some nose jobs do provide secondary benefits.

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

The average cost of rhinoplasty is $6,000 to $10,000. Your cost is based upon the treatment plan that is developed during your consultation. Houston Plastic Surgery Associates offers free initial consultations at our offices in Houston and Conroe, as well as financing options for our patients.

What are the benefits of rhinoplasty?

  • Balances facial features
  • Improves facial profile
  • Takes attention away from your nose so that people notice your eyes, smile and other features

How is a rhinoplasty performed?

Dr. Balinger uses two approaches for rhinoplasty. The open rhinoplasty technique is used for more complex cases where the inner structures of cartilage and bone need to be modified. The technique involves making an incision in the soft tissue between the nostrils and lifting the skin away from the nose. For the closed technique, all surgical steps can be performed through the nostrils. Closed rhinoplasty is most appropriate for correcting smaller bumps and concerns with the orientation and size of the nose tip.

What is recovery like after rhinoplasty?

Recovery from a closed nose job tends to be shorter compared to open rhinoplasty. After your nose job, you will have bruising, swelling, and discomfort. You should not attempt to breathe through your nose, and you will need to avoid blowing your nose. Your nose is covered with a splint to keep the cartilage and soft tissue in the correct position. The first week is primarily resting at home. By the second week, you may feel better, yet you may tire easily. Swelling and discomfort can take several months to resolve.

How long will rhinoplasty results last?

The changes that are made to your nose during the rhinoplasty procedure are permanent.

Why feel embarrassed by your nose when rhinoplasty can correct any flaws that you see? Bumps, crookedness, upturned tip, and much more can be improved with a nose job. Dr. Christopher Balinger offers rhinoplasty for men and women in Houston, Conroe, and the nearby communities in Texas.Contact us today to schedule a free rhinoplasty consultation at our office in Houston or our office in Conroe.