Lovely lips for the long term – no filler required.

The philtrum lengthens with aging, making the lips appear thinner. You may be a candidate for a lip lift if you want to reduce the space between your lips and your nose. You may also choose this option if you want your lips to look fuller and have not achieved the results you want with dermal fillers. A lip lift is a one-time procedure. You may be a candidate if you want to improve your pout but are tired of the upkeep required with fillers. 

Why choose Dr. Balinger for a lip lift in Houston, TX?

Dr. Balinger combines artistry and technical skill in performing cosmetic procedures. Our practice is results-oriented and dedicated to patient-centric care. We are always available to you, and we provide a boutique level of service with extraordinary customer care. 

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What can I expect with a lip lift procedure?

A lip lift is an outpatient procedure performed in our office with local anesthesia. Dr. Balinger will remove a small piece of skin from the area between your nose and mouth. The incision will be closed with sutures. You are free to return home after surgery.

How long is recovery after a lip lift?

Recovery time is minimal after a lip lift—plan to rest for the first 24 hours. Avoid smoking and strenuous exercise in the following weeks. Avoid opening your mouth too wide and sleeping on your face. Brush your teeth carefully using a small toothbrush.

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What are the benefits of a lip lift?

A lip lift is a minor cosmetic procedure with excellent benefits, including:

  • Fuller-looking lips
  • Lifted lip corners
  • More prominent lip line
  • Improved lip shape and length
  • Better smile showing more teeth
  • Reduction in fine lines on upper lip
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Long-lasting enhancement


Are there different lip lift procedures?

Yes, a lip lift can be performed with any of several different techniques. Dr. Balinger will use a technique that suits your needs and treatment goals. Types of lip lift include:

  • Subnasal bullhorn: This may be the most common lip lift procedure. The surgeon makes an incision hidden along the base of the nose, often in the shape of a bullhorn. The right, left, and center sections of the lip are pulled up toward the nose with this technique.
  • Central: Similar to the subnasal bullhorn, the central lip lift uses an incision at the base of the nose to shorten the space between the nose and the lips. 
  • Corner: Also known as the grin lift, the corner lip lift can give the face a more cheerful appearance. It is performed by placing two small incisions at the corners of the mouth and removing a small amount of skin. This procedure may be an option if you have downturned lips. It can be performed in combination with another technique to create fuller lips. 
  • Italian: The Italian lip lift requires two incisions below each nostril. In other respects, it is similar to the subnasal bullhorn lip lift and does not typically leave a noticeable scar. 
  • Direct: Also known as the gullwing, the direct lip lift is performed to create a more defined lip border. The surgeon removes a thin strip of skin directly above the upper lip and pulls the skin upward to make the vermillion (pink part of the lip) more pronounced. This technique can leave a scar in the area of the upper lip.

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Meet Dr. Balinger in Houston: Premier plastic surgeon in Houston

If you are considering a custom lip lift, you want the results to appear elegant and entirely natural. Dr. Balinger has mastered the most advanced facial surgery techniques and will perform your lip lift with precision and meticulous care. His practice was built to provide world-class results in a private setting, where you can expect personalized care and attention. 

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