The goal of this surgery is to resculpt lost muscle tone, remove loose skin and muscles, and create enhancements that improve the patient’s sense of self-confidence. Since facial plastic surgery is a highly complex procedure, it requires the artistic eye of a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

Houston, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Balinger offers facial reconstruction surgery to patients in Houston, Conroe, and surrounding Texas communities. Over the years, he has helped countless men, women, and children restore their self-confidence.

Dr. Christopher works with a team of experienced clinicians and goes out of his way to make sure that each patient is comfortable, safe, and happy with their procedure outcome. He uses state of the art equipment and advanced surgical methods to achieve the best result while minimizing the risk of complications such as scarring.

Types of Facial Reconstruction

Dr. Balinger performs several types of facial reconstructive procedures to suit the needs of different patients.

Nose Reconstructive Surgery

Also referred to as reconstructive nasal surgery, this plastic surgery aims to restore function to the nose that may have been lost as a result of injury, illness, or developmental anomaly. Plastic surgeons create an individualized treatment plan for each patient and sculpt the nasal cartilage, bone, and tissue to achieve the procedure objective.

Eyelid Reconstructive Surgery

This type of facial plastic surgery to correct eyelid defects that may result from trauma, cancer surgery, or congenital anomalies. The goal of eyelid reconstruction is to provide adequate eyelid function, ensure protection for the eyes, and achieve a pleasing aesthetic outcome. Upper eyelid reconstruction is particularly more complex than lower eyelid reconstruction.

Ear Reconstructive Surgery

This is a staged procedure that is administered to treat ear deformities that result in an underdeveloped, missing, or deformed outer ear. Plastic surgeons work to create an ear shape that is realistic enough to not attract any adverse attention to itself. Reconstruction may be completed using implants, prosthetics, or autologous cartilage from the patient’s own body.

Cheek Reconstructive Surgery

Cheek defects are usually corrected using donor tissue flaps extracted from the patient’s own body. Given that the cheek is located right next to important expressive structures such as the mouth, eyes, and facial muscles, this is a complicated procedure that requires the attention of a highly specialized surgeon. The goal is to restore function while also improving the aesthetic appearance.

Dr. Balinger knows that the needs of each patient are unique. The surgeon will examine your defects and problem areas and discuss a personalized treatment plan to reach both functional and cosmetic goals.

Prepare for Your Facial Reconstruction

Taking the time to understand what your surgery entails and prepare ahead of time can help ensure a successful procedure. You will be asked to stop taking some medication and herbal supplements that can increase your risk of bleeding. Smoking is also forbidden in the weeks before the surgery because it can increase the risk of complications and impair healing. The surgeon will let you know what to do on the night before the surgery, and what supplies you need to have in place for a smooth recovery.

Your Surgical Experience

Reconstruction facial procedures are usually performed on an outpatient basis at Dr. Balinger’s in-office operating room or accredited surgical facilities. In cases of highly complicated (or extensive) procedures, the patient may be asked to stay in the hospital for a night or two.

The type of anesthesia used may vary from local sedation to general anesthesia based on the surgical method used. Dr. Balinger is very careful with incisions and works proactively to minimize the advent of visible scarring post-procedure.

Once the surgery is completed and the treatment areas bandaged, you will be placed in Dr. Balinger’s observation room for monitoring before you are discharged.

Recovery After a Facial Reconstruction

Recovery after facial reconstruction can take from several weeks to several months based on the specifics of your surgery. Dr. Balinger will be sure to detail what you may expect in recovery in the planning stages of the surgery. The surgeon will also provide detailed aftercare instructions as well as provide the support you need for an optimal and speedy facial reconstruction recovery.

Plan Your Facial Reconstruction in Houston TX

The cost of a facial reconstruction can vary dramatically based on the specifics of the surgery. Health insurers may cover the cost of reconstructive procedures that are needed to restore function. When you visit Dr. Balinger’s office, the surgeon will provide more info and generate a cost estimate based on a personalized treatment plan developed for you. The surgeon may also have financing options for patients from Houston, Conroe, and surrounding TX areas.

Meet the Surgeon

Christopher Balinger, MD, brings keen professionalism to the operating table. With each patient, the surgeon creates a highly customized plan to achieve the desired procedure outcome while working to eliminate or minimize the risk of scarring and other side effects. A board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Balinger is uniquely skilled to perform this treatment and a host of other cosmetic surgeries. He works with a team of highly qualified support staff who are committed to the safety and well being of their patients. If you are looking for the best plastic surgeon in Houston for facial reconstruction, get in touch with Dr. Balinger’s office today.

Houston Plastic Surgery Associates

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Balinger

The first step towards a successful facial reconstruction is to attend a consultation at Dr. Balinger’s Houston office. The surgeon will listen to your concerns, examine your areas of concern, and discuss the goals, alternatives, and potential risks and benefits of each procedure approach. Once the surgeon has determined the best course of treatment, the surgery will be scheduled at a date that is convenient to you. Dr. Balinger will keep you involved throughout the planning stage and explain all the technical aspects of the treatment in a language that you can understand.

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What is facial reconstruction?

Facial reconstruction is a type of plastic surgery that restores the function and aesthetics of the nose, cheeks, ears, eyelids, and other features. Trauma is the most common reason why people need facial reconstruction, but Dr. Balinger also works with patients who benefit from facial reconstruction after certain surgical procedures and skin cancer treatments.

How much does facial reconstruction cost?

As part of the consultation, Dr. Balinger develops your treatment plan that serves as the foundation of your cost. We offer free initial consultations at our offices in Houston and Conroe, as well as financing options for our patients.

What are the benefits of facial reconstruction?

Most surgical procedures can be performed by general surgeons, yet little attention is given to the aesthetics of the results. Working with a plastic surgeon ensures that the surgical techniques balance function with aesthetics.

How is ear reconstruction performed?

Ear reconstruction may involve:

  • Cartilage and soft tissue grafts
  • Removal of excess skin and scar tissue
  • Reshaping soft tissue

Ear reconstruction may be performed with local anesthesia if a mild amount of correction is needed. Otherwise, Dr. Balinger uses general anesthesia, so you should be in good health if you are considering ear reconstruction.

How is nose reconstruction performed?

Nose reconstruction typically requires general anesthesia. Dr. Balinger will remove cartilage, use grafts, and reshape the bones inside the nose.

How is eyelid reconstruction performed?

Eyelid reconstruction is most often recommended when a cancer lesion or other growth has been removed from the skin. Dr. Balinger uses the existing skin or skin grafts to repair the eyelid and create a natural shape.

How is cheek reconstruction performed?

Cheek reconstruction may be needed after you suffer fractures or when you have skin cancer removed. For fractures, Dr. Balinger considers the aesthetics of the results, as well as how to set and heal bones. He may use grafts of skin, bone, and cartilage. If the procedure affects the contours of the cheeks, he may use fat injections or dermal fillers to sculpt the shape of the cheeks.

What is recovery like after facial reconstruction?

Recovery from reconstruction surgery can take several weeks or months. Each case is different, so we will provide specific aftercare and recovery instructions before you can go home after the procedure.

How long will facial reconstruction results last?

The results of your facial reconstruction are permanent. Dr. Balinger will schedule follow-up appointments to evaluate the results and determine if any secondary procedures are needed.

Dr. Christopher Balinger offers facial reconstruction for men and women in Houston, Conroe, and nearby communities in Texas. Contact us today to schedule a free facial reconstruction consultation at our office in Houston or our office in Conroe.

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