What is Facial Reconstruction?

Facial reconstructive surgery is performed to create the most natural outcome possible and involves some of the most advanced surgical techniques.

Dr. Balinger is arguably one of the most talented facial reconstruction surgeons practicing in Houston and performs these surgeries to help his patients move forward in life with the most natural-looking restoration possible.

The process may require tissue transfers, skin grafting, and microsurgical techniques to ensure the transferred tissues become naturally incorporated into the facial tissues for a long-lasting correction for facial areas damaged by skin cancer treatments, trauma, or a facial deformity that requires surgical intervention to correct.

Facial reconstruction surgeries

Dr. Balinger performs a range of facial reconstruction surgeries to restore various facial areas.

Nose reconstruction

The nose structure may have had an extensive quantity of tissue removed in Mohs surgery or other skin cancer treatments. The procedure of reconstructing the nose tissues may involve transferring cartilage, bone,  and skin to rebuild the nose structure to appear as natural as possible. The full result of the surgery may require several months of healing, as the transferred skin, cartilage, bone, or tissue become naturally incorporated and settled into place.

Eyelid reconstruction surgery

The eyelids may require surgery if tissue has been removed due to skin cancer, the area is damaged by trauma, or when the eyelids are malformed. This is a complex surgical procedure that requires the most advanced techniques. The restoration of your eyelids can significantly improve your overall facial appearance and will be geared to achieve the most natural-looking outcome.

Ear reconstruction

The outer ear may require reconstruction if the ear structure is malformed, missing altogether, or is misshapen. The ear structure can be corrected by reshaping existing tissue, transferring skin and cartilage, and various other advanced techniques. The outer ear can be restored to appear as close to a natural ear as possible, building back the structure with a delicate, meticulously performed surgery.

Cheek reconstruction

Your cheeks may have been seriously damaged in an accident and require reconstructive surgery. Restoring the cheek area may require the transfer of natural tissues from another body area to recreate natural-looking volume at the cheeks.

Dr. Balinger is a profoundly dedicated facial reconstruction surgeon who employs the most advanced techniques in facial reconstruction surgery.

Planning your facial reconstruction surgery

Achieving an excellent result involves planning for your surgery by eating a healthy diet of nutritious foods, staying hydrated, and avoiding any alcoholic drinks, and quitting smoking if you smoke. The medications and supplements you take regularly must be reviewed, and you may need to stop taking those that have blood-thinning properties for a period before your surgical appointment. Your recovery can be faster and more successful when you focus on your general health in the weeks before your surgery.

The surgery – what is facial reconstruction like to experience?

The experience will vary based on the area or areas that need to be restored. The type of anesthesia used will reflect the extent of the surgery you need and could be either local with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Some procedures are out-patient, while other more extensive procedures may require a short hospital stay or may be performed on a patient who is currently hospitalized after an accident that led to facial trauma.

Time to heal – recovery after facial reconstruction surgery

The final look of a facial reconstructive procedure may require many months. Dr. Balinger will ensure you are fully informed about what to expect during your recovery and deliver a high level of care throughout the recovery process. Dr. Balinger offers positive support, compassion, and world-class surgical techniques to help you achieve the most natural look possible, supported throughout the healing process.

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