Who is a Candidate for a Thigh Lift (Thighplasty)?

A custom thigh lift, performed by Dr. Balinger, will tighten the upper legs' appearance, typically by removing sagging skin and fat on the inner and outer thighs. You may be an ideal candidate for this procedure if:

  • You are in good physical and emotional health
  • You are unhappy about loose skin in your inner or outer thighs 
  • You experience thigh discomfort because of excess skin or fat
  • You are generally dissatisfied with the appearance of your thighs
  • You are not overweight and are close to your ideal weight 
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about the outcome of this procedure

Thigh Lift Overview

Average Cost

$4,500 - $7,500

Procedure Time

2-4 Hours

Recovery Time

2 Weeks


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What Is the Procedure for a Thigh Lift?

Our thigh lift in Houston is performed on an outpatient basis in Dr. Balinger’s in-office operating room or an accredited surgical facility. There are three basic steps to this procedure:


Our anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia or intravenous sedation to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the procedure. Feel free to discuss the choice of anesthesia with Dr. Balinger during one of your pre-op consultation visits.


Your surgeon will create an incision at the appropriate location based on the type of thigh lift treatment being performed. He will then remove excess tissue (skin and fat) in line with the objectives of surgery.


When all desired contouring is complete, the doctor will close the incision using tapes, sutures, clips, or adhesives. A dressing will be applied to the treatment area to protect it.

Duration of surgery can range from two to four hours, depending on the specific procedure. Immediately after the procedure, you will be placed in an observation room where Dr. Balinger’s team will monitor your vitals before you are allowed to go home for recovery. Ready to create trim, beautiful thighs? Talk to us.

Why choose Dr. Balinger for a thigh lift?

When you come to our office for a thigh lift, your treatment is performed with the most advanced safety protocols. Dr. Balinger works with a team of highly qualified support staff who are committed to your safety and wellbeing. We offer boutique service with an extraordinary level of patient care.

What will the recovery be like? Will I be comfortable?

You will need to set aside time for recovery after a thigh lift. Times can vary, depending on the extent of treatment and your healing ability. Move around as soon as you can to promote proper blood flow. You may experience bruising, swelling, and pain in the first week or two. You will be given pain medication to alleviate discomfort and antibiotics to help prevent infection. You can expect to resume normal activities after approximately two weeks but avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise until Dr. Balinger gives you the go-ahead. Follow post-op instructions to help ensure a speedy recovery. 

Behind of a woman in a bikini

A thigh lift can be a life-changing procedure, with many benefits.

A thigh lift can help alleviate many issues associated with weight loss, aging, or pregnancy. Some key benefits of this cosmetic procedure are:

  • Removal of excess skin – Women who have undergone significant weight loss as a result of pregnancy or other means may experience sagging thigh skin. Even in the absence of weight loss, aging can lead to loss of skin elasticity over time. This can result in a negative self-image and make it difficult to wear certain outfits, such as revealing skirts and dresses. Thighplasty helps get rid of sagging skin so you can enjoy firmer, shapelier, more beautiful legs. 
  • Removal of excess fat – If you have excess thigh fat but good skin elasticity, Dr. Balinger may recommend a procedure to remove the unwanted fat pockets. This treatment, known as liposculpture, reveals leaner, more attractive thighs.
  • Tighten weak muscles – Muscles can lose their definition over time. Dr. Balinger can address loose muscles by tying them together or tightening them to improve your thigh contours. If you have sagging thighs due to loose muscles – rather than excess skin – you may be a candidate for thigh lift performed endoscopically.
  • Alleviate stretch marks – Stretch marks in the thigh and buttock area are a common issue with pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. Thigh lift surgery entails tightening the skin, which helps remove these stretch marks and reveals softer and more attractive leg skin. If you have excessive stretch marks, an additional skin resurfacing procedure may be performed after your thigh lift to further improve their appearance. 
  • Reduce risk of skin infection – Loose skin can lead to folds which collect sweat. Moisture from these folds may trigger fungal or bacterial infections. Addressing this problem with thigh lift plastic surgery can significantly reduce the risk of such infections. 

Thigh lifts are becoming increasingly common, as plastic surgeons perfect their craft. More than 93% of people who have this procedure say they are satisfied with the outcome. The key is to work with a skilled plastic surgeon to obtain the best possible outcome. 

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What do I need to do to prepare for thigh lift surgery?

After Dr. Balinger has custom-tailored a treatment plan for you, he will tell you how to prepare for your thigh lift in Houston. You may be asked to stop taking certain medications or herbal supplements that could increase your risk of bleeding. Smoking is also prohibited in the weeks before surgery -- it can increase your risk of complications and impair healing. Dr. Balinger will let you know what to do on the night before the procedure, and what supplies you need to have on hand for your recovery.

What are the different types of thighplasty?

Dr. Balinger employs a number of advanced thigh lift techniques to suit your requirements and goals for surgery.

Mini thigh lift

This minimalistic type of thigh lift is used to reduce sagging skin in the upper parts of the inner thigh. The surgeon creates a small incision in the groin area, through which excess skin is removed. Liposuction may be used to remove unwanted fat. A mini thigh lift can create a smaller and smoother appearance with minimal dents and bumps. This technique is recommended for patients who have a modest amount of excess fat and skin. To be eligible for a mini thigh lift, you should have a BMI of 30 or less.

Vertical thigh lift

This technique is designed for individuals with excessive skin stretching around their thighs. While an inner thigh lift will focus on the upper area, this method lifts the middle and lower thighs, as well. A larger incision is required so the surgeon can remove an ellipse-shaped area of skin. This type of thigh lift is sometimes called a “crescent lift” because of the type of incision used. Scarring is more visible and will require a more aggressive scar management regimen to ensure proper fading.

Inner/medial thigh lift

The skin around your upper thigh may lose its elasticity and start to sag after you lose a significant amount of weight. Aging can also contribute to loss of elasticity. In a medial thigh lift, the surgeon addresses the inner part of the upper thigh. The focus of the procedure is to trim loose skin and remove unwanted fat to reveal a more attractive appearance. Incisions are placed in the crease between the thigh and the pubic area to reduce visible scarring. This approach is recommended for individuals who have struggled with saggy thighs that no exercise or diet seems to resolve.

Outer/lateral thigh lift

With this technique, the surgeon may focus on the thighs and accumulated weight in the buttock and waist areas, similar to a lower body lift. Liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat from the buttocks and sides of the thighs. Excess tissue is pulled up and secured at the hip bone level, creating tighter, smoother surfaces with no dimples or ripples. It requires a significant incision that can be concealed by most bathing suits and underwear. If you are looking for a more significant improvement in most of your lower body area, an outer/lateral thigh lift in Houston may be right for you.

Dr. Christopher Balinger is uniquely positioned to recommend the best thigh lift procedure for you. He is happy to discuss the pros and cons of each approach during your consultation at our Houston plastic surgery office.


Why have a thigh lift?

Excess skin and fat in the thighs can cause disproportion with the rest of the lower body, particularly the abdomen and buttocks. While exercise and diet can help, they do not always work. This can leave you feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your thighs. You may not be able to wear certain outfits, such as lean jeans.

How do I know if a thigh lift is the ideal way to trim my upper legs?

During your thigh lift consultation, Dr. Balinger will ask questions and review your medical history to learn more about your health. He will examine your legs and skin laxity and discuss your treatment goals. After the consultation and examination, he can tell you if thigh lift surgery is recommended for you. This initial consultation, which is offered free of charge, is an opportunity to learn more about what a thigh lift entails and what you can expect from the procedure.

What is the cost of a thigh lift?

The cost of a thigh lift can vary dramatically, depending on the extent of the procedure. Most of our thigh lift patients can expect to pay between $4,500 and $7,500. Health insurance typically will not cover the cost of thigh lift surgery, which is considered to be an elective cosmetic procedure. During your consultation with Dr. Balinger, he can provide a cost estimate based on a personalized treatment plan tailored for you. We offer financing options for our patients in Houston, Conroe, and surrounding TX areas.

What is a body lift/thigh lift combination?

A body and thigh lift is a plastic surgery recommended for those who have extra fat and loose skin over a significant portion of their upper or lower body, including the thighs. This procedure is most frequently recommended for men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight.

How much does body and thigh lift cost?

A body and thigh lift can run anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000. The cost is based on the surgical plan developed by Dr. Balinger during your personal consultation. We offer a free initial consultation at our offices in Houston and Conroe, in addition to financing options.

Do you know how to get a thigh gap?

Dr. Balinger cautions women who are considering plastic surgery to achieve a thigh gap. The space between your thighs is not necessarily an indication of how fit you are, as hip size and other anatomical aspects determine the size of your thigh gap more than any other factor. If you have extra fat on your inner or outer thighs, a thigh lift can help.

How are inner and outer thigh lifts performed?

Dr. Balinger uses innovative techniques for inner and outer thigh lifts, and placement of the incisions varies, depending on patient needs. Once the incisions are made, he pulls the tissue taunt over the thighs and trims away any excess. Liposuction may be used if you have pockets of fat on your inner or outer thighs.

Meet our plastic surgeon

Dr. Christopher Balinger and his staff are dedicated to providing patient-centric care. We are always available to you. Our results-oriented practice offers an extraordinary level of patient care. When you come to us for a thigh lift, we ensure you are comfortable and fully informed for every step of the process. 

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