Myth #1: Only Mothers Can Get a Mommy Makeover

Perhaps the most common myth about our mommy makeover in Houston is that it can only be performed on mothers. Although moms certainly account for a large percentage of these procedures, having kids is certainly not a requirement.

The surgeries most commonly included in a mommy makeover are liposuction, breast augmentation, and a tummy tuck. And while pregnancy can certainly cause issues like stubborn fat deposits, sagging breasts, and loose or stretched skin, so can other factors like aging, weight gain and loss, and hormonal changes. So, you certainly don’t have to be a mother to be able to benefit from a mommy makeover.

Myth #2: Recovery From a Mommy Makeover Is Extremely Painful

Another popular misconception about mommy makeovers is that they come with an extremely painful recovery period. Because a mommy makeover consists of several surgeries, many people believe that there will be several times more discomfort than there normally would be. However, a mommy makeover is actually a great way to achieve life-changing results without too much recovery downtime.

Since you’re having several procedures performed at once, you’ll be able to get multiple recoveries out of the way simultaneously. Alternatively, if you had each surgery separately, you’d have to go through multiple recovery periods. And although recovery from a mommy makeover will include some discomfort, it isn’t nearly as bad as many people think. As long as you follow all of Dr. Balinger’s post-operative instructions, the healing process should go smoothly and more quickly than you’d think.

Myth #3: Diet and Exercise Are Just As Effective

There’s no question that regular exercise and a nutritious diet are important parts of any healthy lifestyle. However, that doesn’t mean they can accomplish the same things for your body that a mommy makeover can. Although diet and exercise are great for losing weight, they often aren’t enough to shed the stubborn pockets of fat that you might target with liposuction.

A mommy makeover also addresses other issues that diet and exercise can’t solve, such as surgical scarring, loose or sagging skin, and stretched muscles. That said, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly are wonderful ways to ensure that your mommy makeover results hold up in the long run.

What Is the Takeaway?

You may think you know a lot about mommy makeovers, but you can’t necessarily believe everything you hear. Although the procedure isn’t right for everyone, it can provide incredible results for numerous women. If you’re thinking about undergoing a mommy makeover in the Houston area, schedule a consultation with Dr. Balinger today.

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