Revealing your cheekbones with buccal fat pad removal

Reducing the size of larger, rounder cheeks by removing the buccal fat pad can subtly yet significantly change your facial appearance. Dr. Balinger is one of Houston’s most trusted, talented plastic surgeons and has extensive experience in facial surgeries, including cheek reduction.

A private consultation with Dr. Balinger will allow him to evaluate your facial structure, speak with you about your aesthetic wishes, and advise you whether buccal fat removal is the ideal approach to achieve the look you envision. To create a slimmer, less rounded facial look can often be accomplished with this outpatient procedure, performed with meticulous precision, to create the best result.

Bring out the beauty of your natural features.

Removing the buccal fat pad is a fast procedure, with a reasonably short recovery time. If you feel you would prefer to have a less rounded facial appearance, this procedure has many benefits:

  • Requires only local anesthesia
  • Creates an appealing balance among your features
  • Takes little time to complete the surgery
  • No scarring
  • Fast recovery time

If you have “chipmunk cheeks,” a “baby face,” or have dreamed of having a more structured facial appearance, this surgery could be the ideal surgery for you. For some of Dr. Balinger’s patients, this procedure is combined with another procedure, such as chin or jawline enhancement.

Meet with us about buccal fat removal in Houston

Your first step is to meet with us in a private consultation about the procedure. You can trust that board-eligible plastic surgeon, Dr. Balinger, performs every procedure with safety and is results-oriented.

He offers an extraordinary level of personalized care at every phase of an aesthetic procedure, with a boutique level of service. You will be cared for and can expect a result that matches your personal ideals of beauty.

Facial resculpting procedures and buccal fat removal

Dr. Balinger performs an array of facial reshaping procedures, including buccal fat pad removal. You have access to a full range of facial enhancement procedures when under his care and can trust that you will be treated with kindness, respect, and honesty. If buccal fat removal is ideal for you, he will recommend this fast, effective surgery. The procedure involves placing incisions within your cheeks to remove the fat pad and does not leave any visible scars.

What to expect in your surgery

Buccal fat removal is performed at our private, boutique plastic surgery center in Houston. To make the procedure painless, local anesthesia is administered to numb the area. Once the area is numbed, an incision is made inside the cheek, and the fat pad is removed. The incision is then meticulously closed with absorbable stitches. The procedure takes about one hour to complete, after which you are free to return home to rest and recovery.

Meet Dr. Balinger – your facial reshaping expert

Dr. Christopher Balinger, MD, is trusted by his patients due to his personalized care and exceptional results. Every person is unique in facial structure, and you can trust Dr. Balinger for his honesty and integrity and advanced surgical approach. This surgery, while minor, requires the understanding of facial muscle structure and skin condition that can only be found in an educated, experienced surgeon. Dr. Balinger has dedicated his professional career to the art of plastic surgery and is an exceptionally caring, compassionate doctor who believes every patient deserves superior care and excellent results.

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