Custom Facial Implants for Enhanced Features

Custom facial implants can be placed to create more visible cheekbones, add structure to a smaller jawline, create fuller lips without injections, or treat a receding chin.

Dr. Balinger is a master of the art of plastic surgery and will work closely with you to choose the ideal size, shape, and projection of a facial implant to create the most attractive structure. His warmth of character, professional skills, and dedication to his patients go above and beyond the usual, and he is known for achieving exceptionally attractive results with facial implants. These implants are placed with incisions within the mouth or beneath your chin, leaving virtually no visible scarring.

Facial implant types: Cheeks, lips, chin, and jawline

Chin implants

If you feel that your chin structure is too small or you would like to enhance your profile due to a receding chin, a chin implant creates projection, structure, and a more defined look. The amount of projection and added volume will be carefully chosen to ensure you are thrilled with the change.

Cheek implants

You may have inherited a flatter facial profile, and have dreamed of having more visible, prominent cheekbones. Some of our patients have had dermal filler injections to add cheek volume and are so pleased with the difference that they choose to undergo surgery to make a long-lasting change.

Lip implants

Thinner lips can be inherited through genetics or may occur over time, as the tissues thin. Many people undergo lip augmentation with fillers, requiring periodical retreatments. With lip implants, which are very soft and supple, mimicking natural lip tissue, you can have fuller, soft lips that last.

Jawline implants

A small, narrow, or uneven jawline can be corrected with a custom jawline implant. The jawline can appear more defined, structured, and balanced. A chin implant can be the ultimate enhancement to make your vision a reality.

Your journey to a more chiseled, balanced facial structure starts here.

Your private consultation

Considering changing the appearance of your cheeks, chin, jawline, or lips is a big decision. You deserve to understand everything about the procedure, recovery, and how you will look after you have healed. Dr. Balinger will meet you in a private consultation to answer all of your questions and discuss what he recommends in your case.

Every facial implant procedure is customized, and no two people are alike. The choice of implant is of utmost importance, as you want to achieve an ideal balance and a natural look. You are invited to meet with Dr. Balinger, at no cost, to speak with him about what you hope to achieve, and discuss your options, and get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction.

What is the surgical experience?

Facial implants are placed with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. Once the chin, cheeks, lips, or jawline is numbed, precision incisions are placed, and a surgical “pocket” is created. The implant is then positioned and anchored to the surrounding tissues. In some cases, a surgical screw is placed. The incision is then closed, and the surgery is complete. You are then free to return home to rest and recover.

What is the recovery time?

It is normal to expect some swelling or bruising after the implant is placed, which fades in the coming days, with your enhanced facial look appearing. Keep your head elevated both during waking hours and while sleeping, and apply cold packs to limit swelling. As the incisions may be within the mouth, you may need to eat only soft foods or a liquid diet in the first phase of healing.

Preparing for your facial implant

Every person is different, but at Beauty By Balinger in Houston, your facial implant surgery will be performed with the most stringent health and safety protocols. You will be given all the information you need about preparing for surgery, including eating healthy foods, no smoking, and avoiding alcohol for a week before your surgical date.

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