Customized Neck Lift in Houston

All neck lift surgeries performed at Beauty by Balinger are 100 percent customized, as every person has unique concerns. The surgery must be performed with the latest techniques to achieve a very natural look, and Dr. Balinger is among the most accomplished neck surgeons practicing in the Houston area and beyond.

Beauty by Balinger is a boutique private practice known for achieving beautiful results and providing outstanding patient care. Your surgery will be performed with hospital-level patient health and safety protocols, and you will be cared for by experienced, certified medical personnel who are warm, compassionate, and understanding. A results-oriented practice, you can expect to enjoy slim, contoured, elegant results. Dr. Balinger and his team will ensure you are comfortable and understand every aspect of the surgery, recovery, and the results you can expect.

Neck lift surgery – recontouring the neck structure

A neck lift, or in medical terms, a lower rhytidectomy, restructures and reshapes the tissue at the neck and along the jawline. If you are interested in undergoing this surgery, it can achieve the following:

  • Removes fatty deposits lodged under your chin
  • Creates a refined, smooth look at the jawline
  • Smooths the appearance of vertical neck bands
  • Removes fatty deposits lingering on the upper neck
  • Removes folds of skin on the upper neck

If you are considering a neck lift, this is a personal and private decision. You have the right to create the look you envision, and with a custom surgical approach, the end result can be a thrilling, positive, and empowering change. Most people choosing to have a neck lift are in their 40s or 50s, but the surgery is not limited by age, as some younger patients want to create a more structured, elegant profile. The results of the surgery are long-lasting, and the recovery is reasonably fast. Some patients choose to add this surgery to a facelift or brow lift for a comprehensive level of rejuvenation. 

Meet with us about a neck lift

The first step in your journey is to meet with us, so Dr. Balinger can hear your concerns, what you hope to achieve, and discuss what approach will be most rewarding for you. Some people who have very resilient skin may need only neck liposuction, while others need some skin tissue removed to achieve the most sculpted look.

The procedure – what’s right for you?

After your consultation, your surgical date can be planned. You will be fully educated on what to expect in the surgery, recovery, the final result, and which approach will produce the result you envision.

Traditional neck lift (full)

This approach is for more extensive cases of sagging tissues and excess fat beneath the chin or on the neck itself. The procedure involves removing excess skin and fat, smoothing visible jowls, and restoring youthful definition at the jawline, along with smoothing vertical bands.

Neck liposuction

If your concern is mainly fat beneath your chin and on the upper neck, you may not require surgical skin removal and tightening – neck liposuction might be the answer. The procedure involves placing small incisions beneath the chin through which a slim extraction device is inserted, called a cannula. The procedure is performed with a high level of precision so that a natural, even look is achieved.

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