What Is High-Def Liposuction?

High-def liposuction is a next-generation treatment for advanced body sculpting. Fat cells lodged around the muscle structure are liquified and loosened, allowing for ultimate precision when removing fat. This liposuction treatment allows your doctor to achieve maximum accuracy when eliminating fat cells from various body areas to reveal muscle structure or create a refined, defined appearance on the treated area.

What Is the Procedure Like To Experience?

The first step in high-def liposuction involves injecting a specialized tumescent fluid into the area to be addressed. This fluid combines saline, adrenaline, and lidocaine, which helps break down the fat cells, numbing the site for a comfortable experience. Once the numbing effect is achieved,  energy is applied to liquefy the fat. Tiny incisions are placed through which the fat cells are meticulously suctioned away to reveal the muscle structure beneath, creating:

  • A chiseled abdomen
  • Slimmer thighs
  • A silhouette free from love handles or back fat that lingers, no matter how dedicated you are to workouts and diet

During your procedure, you will not experience any pain but will rest comfortably in privacy while we address your concerns, creating the figure you have always wanted. 

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What Areas Can Be Treated With High-Def Liposuction?

The most commonly treated body areas include:

  • Upper arms to create muscle definition
  • Abdominals to reveal a six-pack
  • Chin and neck for a refined, sculpted jawline
  • Love handles (waist, flanks)
  • Lower back
  • Thighs
  • Fatty areas at the upper body, bra fat

Who Is a Candidate for High-Definition Liposuction?

High-definition liposuction is appropriate for people who are very close to their ideal weight but have been unable to achieve muscle definition. The skin should retain some level of resiliency for the best outcome. This procedure can create a more sculpted figure, reducing those lingering areas of fat to develop hyper-chiseled abs, an hourglass figure, or youthful, fit arms and body. You should be in good overall health to undergo this procedure.

What Is the Recovery After High-Def Lipo?

After your procedure, it is normal to experience some swelling. Take the time to allow your body to rest and recover, which should take about five to ten days at most. To help speed your recovery, you may wear a compression garment, which helps with blood circulation to carry away any debris or excess fluids naturally produced by your body.

Why Choose Houston Plastic Surgery for High-Def Liposuction?

When you’re under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Balinger, you can expect concierge-style care focused on you and you alone at Houston Plastic Surgery. His experience, personalized approach, and ability to achieve stunning outcomes with high-def liposuction have made his practice the go-to for people who seek an ideal physique, both men and women. Contact us today to learn more about high-def lipo in Houston.

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