Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation

A facelift is a comprehensive surgery to restore the look of youth to aging, sagging skin. For some people, this is the right approach, but for others, a remarkable level of skin rejuvenation can be achieved without the need to undergo surgery.

Enhanced Beauty Through Non-Surgical Facelift

A non-surgical facelift involves injections with dermal fillers and BOTOX. Some patients may choose to undergo added procedures, such as FaceTite or laser skin resurfacing. The basic approach is to smooth away lines and creases by injecting dermal fillers, add lift by restoring cheek volume, and eradicate forehead lines with BOTOX injections. The final result? Pure beauty.

Dr. Christopher Balinger is dedicated to his patients and ensuring they are thrilled with the results of a non-surgical facelift. His precision techniques, along with the range of fillers he may choose for your treatment, are geared to produce a result that brings you greater confidence in your look, no surgery required.

Is a non-surgical facelift right for you?

A custom non-surgical facelift can help you look years younger without the need to undergo surgery. You are likely a good candidate for this treatment if:

  • You are in good general health
  • You feel it is time for a positive change in your look
  • You have maintained a reasonably good level of skin elasticity
  • You know what to expect during your treatment, recovery, and the results

The first step in determining if a non-surgical facelift is right for you is to meet with Dr. Balinger in a private consultation. He will speak openly and honestly with you about what can be achieved and the set of procedures he recommends for you.

What is involved in a non-surgical facelift?

Various treatments may be part of your custom procedure, including:


Smoothing forehead lines, frown lines between your brows, and crow’s feet with a neuromodulator such as BOTOX or Dysport can bring a subtle but beautiful age-defying result. These injections are placed with precision to ensure the end result appears natural, not frozen or overdone.

Dermal fillers

Dr. Balinger offers a wide array of dermal fillers, each of which is appropriate for specific facial areas. Your injections may involve more than one type of Juvéderm, Restylane, Sculptra, Radiesse, or Belotero. The ideal filler will be of a consistency that will enhance the facial issue, smoothing lines and creases or restoring lost volume when needed.


If your skin is unevenly textured, microdermabrasion may be needed. This procedure involves gently removing the dead skin cells on the surface so that fresh, youthful cells can rise to the surface, softening lines and wrinkles and restoring a natural, youthful glow.

Laser skin resurfacing

If your skin has developed sun spots, age spots, sagging, acne scars or trauma scars, or has an uneven tone and texture, laser skin resurfacing can work wonders. The top layer of your skin is removed with a custom light energy to allow new, supple skin to be revealed for a flawless look.

Chemical peels

A custom chemical peel may be ideal for you. A special formula is applied to your face to trigger the shedding of the top skin layer. Over a few days, the skin peels and sheds, revealing new, fresh skin below for a more youthful, glowing appearance.

Meet with us about a non-surgical facelift

If you are considering a non-surgical facelift, we invite you to meet with Dr. Balinger in person in a private consultation. You will find him to be a warm, approachable individual who has a genuine interest in you and your wishes. He will work closely with you in planning your treatment, and you can expect to feel supported, empowered, and respected throughout every phase of your journey to beauty.

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