Precision Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery is always a customized procedure. Any issues related to a breast augmentation that either failed to meet your expectations or led to complications need to be resolved correctly and with precision surgical techniques.

Why Choose Dr. Balinger for Breast Revision in Houston?

As an exemplary plastic surgeon, Dr. Balinger has a reputation for excellence in custom breast revision surgeries. His boutique practice was established to offer superior patient care, privacy, discretion, and surgical results you can trust. His state-of-the-art, private surgical practice is equipped with the latest patient health and safety systems, and every breast revision is performed with precision and meticulous attention to detail. You deserve to be confident that your surgery will resolve every issue beautifully.

Is it Time for a Breast Revision?

Breast revision surgery may be necessary if your augmentation was performed many years in the past, and it is time to replace your implants. In many cases, the revision is performed to resolve an aesthetic problem, including:

  • You want larger implants.
  • You want smaller implants.
  • You want to return to your natural breast size.
  • You have developed capsular contracture.
  • The implants are mal-positioned and look unnatural.
  • An implant has ruptured.
  • You want a different type of implant, whether saline or silicone.

The first step is a private consultation with Dr. Balinger. He will listen closely to your concerns, evaluate your condition, and advise you of what he recommends for a surgical correction of a complication, unsatisfactory appearance, or changes in size, shape, or projection. Breast implants don’t last forever, and it may be time to replace implants placed years in the past. Whatever problem you want to solve, you can be confident your surgery will be performed by a surgeon who is focused on ensuring you are thrilled with your results.

Common Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery

Change of size, width, or projection

Your breast augmentation may no longer suit you or may no longer meet your expectations, being either larger or smaller than you envisioned. A revision can create the size and level of projection that you feel is ideal. The process of planning your revision will be planned carefully and performed with the latest surgical techniques to ensure you finally achieve the look you envisioned for your figure.

Breast implant rupture

Although rare, implant ruptures can occur. If the implant was saline, problems become obvious immediately, but if it was silicone, it might take longer to discover if an implant is leaking. Breast implants are guaranteed, typically for ten years, and if an implant fails, the cost of replacement might be covered by the guarantee. If a silicone implant leak is detected, it is advised that you undergo a revision as soon as possible.

Capsular contracture – scar tissue problems

The body naturally creates scar tissue around the implant, which in some cases, causes a problem. An excess of scar tissue causes the tissues to contract around the implant, causing the breast to feel harder or altering the position or size of the breast. A custom breast revision will remove the implant along with the scar tissue and replace the implants with a process less likely to cause the problem in the future.

Implant out of position

If something went wrong during the original surgery, you may end up with one breast higher than the other, slipped sideways, a double crease at the base of the breast (“double bubble”), or various other aesthetic issues related to breast position. These problems can be fully resolved with a custom breast revision surgery.


If the edges of the implant are visible under your skin or the implant surface has visible ripples, a revision can create a much more natural look. You may choose to replace saline with silicone (less likely to ripple), hide the rippling with natural fat transfer, or place the implants below the chest muscles, where they are much less likely to have this problem.


The weight of larger implants can stretch your skin, causing your breasts to become lower and lower over time. This condition can be resolved with a custom breast revision, which can include removing excess skin to raise the breasts, placing smaller implants, or restoring your breasts to their natural size with breast revision surgery.

Bottoming out

Bottoming out is when the implant is far lower on the chest wall than expected or intended. A lack of support to hold it in place could lead to this condition, and it will require revision surgery to resolve the issue and create natural-looking breasts, sitting on the chest wall in the best position.

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