What Is Earlobe Repair?

Earlobe repair is performed in-office to restore the round, firm look of natural earlobes, whether they have been split, damaged by trauma, stretched, or asymmetrical. The procedure is performed with meticulous care to ensure a positive outcome.

Earlobe repair – is it time?

If you are unhappy with the look of a stretched or damaged earlobe, this minor surgery could be the perfect solution, as it restores your earlobes, so they look firm and natural. The benefits include:

  • Earlobes look natural
  • Stretched tissues repaired
  • Essentially painless to experience
  • Allows you to reveal your ears confidently
  • Can be re-pierced once healed
  • Earlobe size can be reduced
  • Easy recovery

If you feel that it is time to correct any aesthetic flaw with your earlobes, Dr. Balinger is the ideal choice. His professional skills, warmth of personality, and the care delivered at his boutique practice make your experience positive, empowering, and successful.

Your Plan of Action

Step 1: Meet with us

We invite you to meet with Dr. Balinger in person and experience the positive atmosphere at our private practice. In a no-charge consultation, Dr. Balinger will examine your earlobes and speak with you about the surgery, answering all your questions.

Step 2: Your appointment

Once you are ready to move ahead with the surgery, an appointment will be set that matches your busy schedule. You simply arrive at our office where the procedure is performed. You will be resting comfortably and should have a painless experience.

Your surgery – what it entails

The first step in your earlobe surgery involves numbing the area with local anesthesia. Once the earlobe is numbed, the damaged tissue is repaired, which may involve removing stretched skin and cartilage to restore the earlobes or closing a split earlobe with a specialized procedure that leaves very little visible scarring. Earlobe surgery typically requires only about 30 minutes. Once complete, you are free to return home.

An easy recovery

Your earlobes will be protected with a bandage for a day or two, after which, under the direction of Dr. Balinger, the bandage can be removed. You will be provided with aftercare instructions about how to keep the repaired earlobe clean and how to apply a special antibiotic ointment to ward off infection. You will need to avoid submerging your ears in water, whether at a pool, beach, or bath, or hot tub for the first few days, but are free to shower the next day.

Why choose Dr. Balinger?

You want to ensure your earlobe surgery is performed by a talented board-eligible plastic surgeon who cares about you as an individual and ensures your comfort and safety throughout the procedure. Dr. Balinger is a highly-educated and experienced surgeon who is results-oriented and genuinely cares about every patient he treats. 

Beauty by Balinger | Christopher Balinger MD

A positive journey

Balinger Plastic Surgery is a private, boutique plastic surgery practice in Houston that goes above and beyond in patient-centered care. Every member of our hand-selected team of professionals is dedicated to delivering a positive, empowering experience from start to finish. 

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