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If you want to restore volume or fill in areas of your face, you may be a candidate for facial fat grafting. This treatment may be recommended if you have:

  • Loss of volume in the face
  • Facial creases, such as laugh lines, smile lines, and crow’s feet
  • Acne scars
  • Sunken areas of the face, lips, or cheeks
  • Available fat in a donor area (such as the thighs, love handles, or abdomen)
  • Realistic expectations for treatment

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Our practice is results-oriented. We offer a boutique level of service and extraordinary customer care. Dr. Balinger and his team keep you fully informed and ensure you feel comfortable through every step of the treatment process. 

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A step-by-step description of your journey

  • Dr. Balinger and you select a donor site from which to harvest fat.
  • The donor site is injected with local anesthetic.
  • Dr. Balinger makes a small incision for fat removal and inserts a cannula connected to a syringe to gently extract fat.
  • The harvested fat is processed and prepared for transfer to a small syringe to be used for injection. After the treatment area is prepared, a needle or cannula is used to deposit fat to achieve the desired correction. 

Is there any recovery after facial fat transfer?

Recovery after facial fat grafting is relatively mild, but you should allow adequate time for healing. Most people take a week to 10 days to recover. You may need to wear a compression garment or bandage at the donor site. You can expect some bruising and swelling during the first week, both in the face and in the area where the fat was harvested. Cold compresses can help relieve swelling and discomfort. You may be given pain medication, along with antibiotics to prevent infection.

What are the benefits of facial fat grafting in Houston, TX?

Fat transfer has many benefits for rejuvenating and improving the appearance of the face.

  • Results are longer-lasting than with dermal fillers.
  • This treatment uses fat from your own body (autologous fat), so there is no chance of allergic reaction to a foreign substance.
  • Results are soft and natural-looking.
  • The procedure is safe and minimally invasive.

FAQ: Facial fat transfer

Will I have scars after facial fat grafting?

The only scars you may have will be at the donor site where liposuction is performed. However, the incisions are small and placed discreetly in hidden areas. Most liposuction scars fade to barely visible over time.

From where is the fat harvested for facial transfer?

Certain areas of the body make better donor sites than others for fat grafting. They include the abdomen and love handles, where fat cells are typically abundant and hardy.

How is harvested fat processed for fat grafting?

The harvested fat may be processed with decanting and centrifugation. This separates out debris, dead cells, and fluid from the viable fat cells. Alternatively, the fat may be washed with a sterile saline solution.

How long do facial fat transfer results last?

Not all fat cells survive the transfer, and the treatment area may be slightly “overfilled” to allow for this. The fat cells that survive should integrate and continue functioning as normal fat cells, for long-lasting results.

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