Nose reconstruction plastic surgery aims to restore function while also delivering a pleasing cosmetic outcome. Many patients who receive this transformative treatment – for one reason or another – enjoy improved self-esteem and a higher quality of life.

Houston, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Balinger offers nasal plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients in Houston, Conroe, and surrounding Texas communities. Over the years, he has helped countless men, women, and children restore their self-confidence.

Dr. Christopher works with a team of experienced clinicians and goes out of his way to make sure that each patient is comfortable, safe, and happy with their procedure outcome. He uses state of the art equipment and advanced surgical methods to achieve the best result while minimizing the risk of complications such as scarring.

Nose Reconstruction Techniques

Plastic surgeons have numerous techniques that they may use to reconstruct the note. The surgical method used will be determined by the size, location, shape, and depth of the nasal deformity being addressed, as well as the surgeon’s preference.

Local Flaps

In cases where the deformity is small enough, the surrounding local tissue may be stretched to cover the affected area.

Skin Grafts

This entails using healthy skin borrowed from other parts of the body to address the nasal deformity. This type of nose plastic and reconstructive surgery is typically used when the deformity in question is too large to be treated using a local flap.

Cartilage Grafts

Cartilage may be donated from one’s own ribs and then used to reconstruct the nasal structure. This is an advanced technique that requires the attention of a seasoned specialist.

Other types of nasal reconstruction that Dr. Balinger may utilize to meet the goals of the surgery include suture closure, regional flaps from the cheek or forehead, and secondary-intention healing. During your office visit at Dr. Balinger’s Houston office, the surgeon will discuss the suitability of each technique based on the nature of your deformity. In some cases, large deformities may require a staged approach and multiple surgeries to address. The precise treatment approach to be used is influenced by the specific needs of the patient.

Your Surgical Experience

Nasal reconstruction procedures are usually performed on an outpatient basis at Dr. Balinger’s in-office operating room or accredited surgical facilities. The type of anesthesia used may vary from local sedation to general anesthesia based on the surgical method used. Dr. Balinger is very careful with incisions and works proactively to minimize the visible scarring post-procedure. Once the surgery is completed and the treatment areas bandaged, you will be placed in Dr. Balinger’s observation room for monitoring before you are discharged.

Recovery After Nasal Reconstruction

Recovery following reconstructive nose surgery is different for each patient, depending on the specific method used. For small deformities that are corrected using local flaps, suture closure, or skin graft, the recovery period is typically within 2 weeks. Sutures used to close the incisions are usually removed after a week. While incisions may appear raised and red at first, they tend to improve and flatten gradually with time.

Most patients can expect to resume routine daily activities within 14 days following mild nose reconstruction surgery. For larger deformities that require the use of advanced techniques such as forehead flaps or staged procedures, the recovery duration can extend up to 8 weeks. Some patients may experience temporary nasal obstruction during the recovery.

The surgeon will let you know how to care for your treatment area to ensure a speedy recovery. Scars do fade over time in the months following your nose reconstruction surgery. Dr. Balinger may put you in a scar management program to ensure that everything turns out great. Make sure to adhere to the surgeon’s recovery instructions and attend all post-operative appointments.

Houston Plastic Surgery Associates

Plan Your Nose Reconstruction in Houston TX

The cost of nasal reconstruction can vary dramatically based on the specifics of the surgery. Health insurers may cover the cost of reconstructive procedures that are needed to restore function. When you visit Dr. Balinger’s office, the surgeon will provide more info and generate a cost estimate based on a personalized treatment plan developed for you. The surgeon may also have financing options for patients from Houston, Conroe, and surrounding TX areas.

Meet the Surgeon

Christopher Balinger, MD, brings keen professionalism to the operating table. With each patient, the surgeon creates a highly customized plan to achieve the desired procedure outcome while working to eliminate or minimize the risk of scarring and other side effects. A board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Balinger is uniquely skilled to perform this treatment and a host of other cosmetic surgeries. He works with a team of highly qualified support staff who are committed to the safety and well being of their patients. If you are looking for the best plastic surgeon in Houston for nasal reconstruction, get in touch with Dr. Balinger’s office today.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Balinger

The first step towards a successful nasal reconstruction surgery is to attend a consultation at Dr. Balinger’s Houston office. The surgeon will listen to your concerns, examine your areas of concern, and discuss the goals, alternatives, and potential risks and benefits of each procedure approach. Once the surgeon has determined the best course of treatment, the surgery will be scheduled at a date that is convenient for you. Dr. Balinger will keep you involved throughout the planning stage and explain all the technical aspects of the treatment in a language that you can comprehend.


What is nose reconstruction?

Nose reconstruction at Houston Plastic Surgery Associates is a type of plastic surgery that balances function with aesthetics. Some of the types of cases that Dr. Balinger works with are:

  • Restoring nose shape after skin cancer removal
  • Correcting congenital abnormalities inside the nose
  • Addressing issues that stem from improper healing and scar tissue after injuries
  • Trauma-related abnormalities that may interfere with breathing or cause sinus issues

How much does nose reconstruction cost?

After your consultation with Dr. Balinger, we will review your treatment plan and the associated costs. We offer free initial consultations at our offices in Houston and Conroe, as well as financing options for our patients.

What are the benefits of nose reconstruction?

Dr. Balinger can perform the same types of nose procedures as a general surgeon, yet his expertise in plastic surgery also allows for the cosmetic outcomes to be considered in the surgical plan. He can perform both procedures at the same time, or you may choose to work with him after your primary procedure. For secondary procedures, the nose reconstruction can be done shortly after the first surgery or once you heal.

How is nose reconstruction performed?

General anesthesia is required for nose reconstruction. Dr. Balinger will use an “open” or “closed” technique based on the complexity of the surgery. “Open” nose reconstruction means that an incision is made in the skin between the nostrils and the skin is separated from the cartilage. The “closed” technique is for less intensive cases, and all modifications are made through the nostrils. No incisions are needed with “closed” nose reconstruction.

What is recovery like after nose reconstruction?

Healing from nose reconstruction can take six to 12 months, and you will need to manage some swelling, bruising, and discomfort during that time. Expect to be at home resting for at least two weeks, and you will need to take time off from work, school, sports, exercise, and other activities. Your nose may be splinted for up to two weeks, and you will not be able to breathe through your nose or blow your nose. If you suffer from allergies or sinusitis, Dr. Balinger will recommend ways to manage these symptoms while you are healing from nose reconstruction.

How long will nose reconstruction results last?

The results of your nose reconstruction are permanent. Dr. Balinger schedules follow-up appointments to check how the tissues are healing. In some cases, additional procedures are needed to refine the results of nose reconstruction. These procedures may be recommended for functional or cosmetic purposes.

If your nose has been damaged during an accident or if you have a congenital condition that affects your nose and breathing, nose reconstruction may be a good option. Dr. Christopher Balinger offers nose reconstruction for men and women in Houston, Conroe, and the nearby communities in Texas. Contact us today to schedule a free nose reconstruction consultation at our office in Houston or our office in Conroe.

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