Custom Nose Reconstruction 

Nose reconstruction surgery is a custom-tailored procedure that may involve tissue transfers, including skin and cartilage, to achieve the most natural-looking result.

Nose Reconstruction Expertise

Dr. Balinger is arguably one of the most talented nose reconstruction surgeons practicing in the Houston area. His warmth of character, advanced surgical skills, and dedication to his patients have led to a reputation for excellence in performing nose reconstruction surgery.

The process of restoring the nose both in aesthetic appearance and function involves a full evaluation of the nose and the damage, whether from surgery, trauma, or a congenital issue, and then crafting a custom surgical plan for the individual. Every effort is made to minimize scarring, and Dr. Balinger’s office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help produce the most natural-looking result.

What is nose reconstruction surgery? What can I expect?

Local flaps

In some cases, a surgical or trauma wound can be repaired with a “local flap.” The process involves stretching the adjoining skin to cover the wound and suturing it carefully into place. This technique is generally only appropriate for smaller areas of damage.

Skin grafting

If the wound is larger, a skin grafting technique may be necessary. Skin is harvested from a donor area that has the best match in skin color, texture, and thickness and then transferred to cover the wound, meticulously sutured in place.

Cartilage grafting

When the nose has lost cartilage due to trauma, surgery, or a poorly performed rhinoplasty that led to a collapse of the nose structure, the cartilage must be replaced. It will be harvested from your body, typically the rib area, and then transferred to provide support and rebuild the structure, with a focus on nose function and aesthetic appearance.

Other techniques may be used to enhance the final look, including skin resurfacing once the area has healed, scar revision treatments, and others. The goal of the procedure is to achieve the smoothest, most natural, long-lasting outcome.

The surgery – what is it like?

Nose reconstruction surgery is 100 percent customized to match the condition of the patient. Dr. Balinger focuses on ensuring his patients understand what to expect in the surgery, recovery, and results and that the surgery is comfortable to experience. You may be under either local or general anesthesia, and in most cases, can return home once the surgery is complete. If you had skin and cartilage grafts, two surgeries are performed – the harvest of the needed tissues and the grafting process.

Rest and heal

After your surgery, you will need some time for the tissues to integrate, and you can expect some swelling. You will need to sleep with your head elevated and ensure your nose is protected from any pressure or impact during your recovery. If a local flap technique has been used, you can expect a recovery time of about two weeks, with the stitches removed once the incision has healed, typically about one week.

If you have minor reconstructive nose surgery, you can expect to return to your usual activities in about two weeks. If your reconstruction is more extensive and involves cartilage and skin grafts, the recovery time is longer and can extend up to two months. It is normal to expect your nose to feel “stuffy” in the initial phase of healing, but generally, the recovery is reasonably easy to experience.

You will have full aftercare instructions to follow to help speed healing. Dr. Balinger focuses on ensuring minimal scarring and delivers a scar management system geared to have your scar as hidden and minor as possible. You will have several follow-up appointments, and Dr. Balinger and his team are responsive, available, and always ready to answer your questions or concerns.

The journey to nose reconstruction, step by step

The first step is a full evaluation of your nose structure and an in-depth, open, honest discussion with you about planning your surgery, the procedure, your recovery, and what to expect in the final appearance. Dr. Balinger is an uncommonly dedicated reconstructive surgeon who has devoted his professional life to helping people live happier, more confident lives with custom surgeries. His compassion, outstanding surgical skills, and focus on minimal scarring have brought acclaim to his private practice in Houston.

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