Restoring Arm Confidence

Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure to recontour the upper arms and restore your confidence! Imagine having youthful, firm upper arms and the freedom to wear sleeveless tops, swimsuits, or nothing at all with total confidence that your arms look beautiful.

Are You a Candidate for an Arm Lift?

Arm lift surgery improves the appearance of the upper arms by getting rid of excess skin, fat, and tissue. You may be an ideal candidate for this procedure if:

  • You are in good physical and emotional health
  • You have significant upper arms skin laxity
  • You have arms sagging due to weight loss or aging tissues
  • You are close to your ideal weight goal 
  • You desire younger, firmer, and more attractive looking arms
  • You wish to get rid of saggy “bat wings” on your upper arms and armpit
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about your outcome

When you visit Dr. Balinger for your first private consultation in Houston, Texas, he will evaluate your arms and discuss whether the procedure is right for you. He will answer all your questions and concerns and discuss what to expect in the surgery and recovery.

Why Choose Dr. Balinger for an Arm Lift in Houston?

Our arm lift in Houston, when performed by Dr. Balinger, is a custom surgery – every patient is different. You may have inherited larger upper arms through your family, developed saggy upper arms with age, or the condition may be the result of a dramatic weight loss.

Whatever caused your condition, you can expect a custom surgical plan and a meticulous surgical approach. His boutique practice was built to offer a superior patient experience, with results that appear absolutely natural. You will be in the hands of a true professional when your arm lift is performed by Dr. Balinger.

Benefits of an Arm Lift in Houston

Many men and women who undergo an arm lift surgery experience the following benefits:

Shapely, youthful upper arms

Exercise and diet often may not have been able to give you the lovely arms that you desire. Even if you lose weight, you may have been left with sagging skin and tissue. One of the top benefits of an arm lift is that it results in sculpted, toned, youthful upper arms.

Improved arm proportion

A custom arm lift removes the sagging, loose skin and fat you have developed due to aging or was left after a dramatic weight loss. This leads to improved contours and better proportions with the rest of your body.

Restore your confidence

Men and women who have excess upper arm skin and fat may feel self-conscious. Arm lift surgery not only restores a firm, muscular look to your upper arms, but also allows you to feel more confident in your body image.

Wear what you want

People who have flabby arms tend to avoid certain types of clothing to hide the unattractive look of their arms. If you avoid wearing sleeveless tops or other arm-revealing clothing, an arm lift can help you once again wear anything you want with total confidence that your arms look sculpted, proportioned, and lovely.

One bonus advantage of an arm lift is that the resulting scar may be hidden in the armpit, where it is not visible. In some more extreme cases, the scar extends down the underarm but fades over time to be almost imperceptible.

Your Initial Arm Lift Consultation

In your initial arm lift consultation with Dr. Balinger, he will evaluate your arms and discuss your medical history.  This free consultation gives you the opportunity to meet Dr. Balinger and get all of your questions about the surgery answered.

Types of arm lift surgeries 

Several techniques may be employed to achieve the toned upper arm appearance you want. What’s right for you? Meet with Dr. Balinger, who can advise you of the best approach for you.

  • Traditional arm lift: This approach involves the removal of the excess skin and fat from the underside of your upper arms. This may be the appropriate technique if you have a significant quantity of excess fat and skin that must be removed to restore your upper arms.  
  • Extended arm lift: The extended arm lift is designed to resolve aesthetic concerns on the arms and the side of the body. The surgeon will work to get rid of excess skin and fat in order to ensure a proportionate appearance in the upper arms and surrounding areas.
  • Hidden arm lift: Also called a “limited incision arm lift,” this approach involves placing the surgical incision in the crease of the underarm, leaving no visible scars. 
  • Liposuction: If you have very resilient skin and your issue is strictly related to excess fat, liposuction may be all you need. 
  • CoolSculpting: CoolSculpting can be performed on the upper arms to freeze away excess fat. This approach is appropriate for people who have good skin flexibility, as it does not tighten the skin.

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Preparing for an Arm Lift

Once Dr. Balinger creates a customized treatment plan for you, the surgeon will let you know how to prepare for the surgery. You will be asked to stop taking certain medications and herbal supplements that can increase your risk of bleeding. Smoking is also forbidden in the weeks before the surgery because it can increase the risk of complications and impair healing. The surgeon will let you know what to do on the night before the surgery and what supplies you need to ensure a smooth recovery.

Plan Your Arm Lift

Brachioplasty plastic surgery prices in Houston can vary dramatically based on the extent of the procedure. Most of Dr. Balinger’s arm lift patients can, however, expect to pay between $4,750 and $8,500 for this treatment. In your private consultation, you will be provided with a quote for the cost of your custom surgery.

What is the Surgery Like?

An arm lift in Houston is an outpatient procedure that is performed at Dr. Balinger’s in-office operating room or an accredited surgical facility. This surgery is usually performed in three steps.

1. Administer Anesthesia
The surgeon’s anesthesiologist will administer either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation in order to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the treatment. Feel free to discuss the choice of anesthesia with the surgeon during one of your pre-op consultation visits.

2. Create Incision
The surgeon will create an incision under the armpit extending down to the elbow, or in some cases, just in the armpit. Dr. Balinger takes extra care to minimize the size and nature of the incision. Once this is done, excess skin will be removed to achieve the desired upper arm contour.

3. Close Incisions
After all the desired contouring has been completed, the surgeon will close the incision using tapes, sutures, clips, or adhesives. The treatment area will then be bandaged to protect it.

The duration of surgery can range from one to three hours, depending on the extent of fat, skin, and tissue removal and restructuring. Immediately after the surgery, you will be placed in an observation room where Dr. Balinger’s team monitors your vitals before you are allowed to go home for recovery.

What is the Recovery From Arm Lift Surgery?

Following arm lift, you will need time to recover. Any surgery is traumatic in nature, and you need enough time for full healing. You will be asked to move around as early as possible after the surgery to stimulate circulation. It is normal to expect some bruising, swelling, and discomfort during the first week. 

You will be given pain medication to help alleviate discomfort, as well as antibiotics to prevent infections. You can expect to resume normal activities after about two weeks. However, heavy lifting and strenuous exercise are prohibited until you get the green light from the surgeon. Make sure to follow all post-op instructions, so your recovery is swift. Dr. Balinger’s office is available to answer your questions or and provide the support you need throughout your recovery.

Meet Dr. Balinger, Houston Plastic Surgeon for Arm Lift Surgery

Christopher Balinger, MD, is a talented, meticulous surgeon who focuses on achieving superior surgical outcomes in arm lift surgery. His extensive education, along with fellowship training, has provided him with skill in delivering arm lift surgery with the most advanced techniques. A perfectionist by nature, his goal is to help you look and feel your best and to restore the look of sculpted, youthful arms with a custom procedure.

Beauty by Balinger | Christopher Balinger MD

Average Cost

$4,750 - $8,500

Procedure Time

1-3 Hours

Recovery Time

2 Weeks


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Are your upper arms looking flabby despite your efforts to lose weight and tone your muscles? An arm lift may be the ideal surgery to restore the look of firm, sculpted upper arms. Dr. Balinger offers brachioplasty for men and women in Houston, Conroe, and surrounding areas of Texas.


What is a brachioplasty or arm lift?

Brachioplasty is plastic surgery for the upper arms to remove excess skin, tissue, and fat. Aging, weight changes, and pregnancy may cause excess fat to be stored in the upper arms, and this added volume can stretch the skin to the point where it will not snap back. The result is upper arm sagging. If you want to know if an arm lift is right for you, stand in front of a mirror and hold your arms straight out to the side. If you notice sagging or drooping in the area from your armpit to the elbow, you may be a good candidate for brachioplasty.

How much does brachioplasty cost?

The average cost of an arm lift is $4,750 to $8,500. Dr. Balinger describes what can be achieved with an arm lift. If you choose to have the procedure, we will discuss the cost of your brachioplasty after the consultation. We offer free initial consultations at our offices in Houston and Conroe, as well as financing options for our patients.

What are the benefits of a brachioplasty?

An arm lift rejuvenates your upper arms to reveal muscle contour and give the area a more toned appearance. The primary reason that men and women choose to have brachioplasty is to eliminate the “bat wings” that wiggle when they use their arms.

How is an arm lift performed?

The incision for an arm lift starts in your armpit area and extends to the elbow. A limited arm lift involves an incision placed in the armpit only. After making the incision, Dr. Balinger removes any excess fat from the upper arm area. He may use liposuction. He then pulls the skin taut over the arms and closes the incision.

What is recovery like after a brachioplasty?

Recovery from an arm lift can take several weeks, and the first five to seven days is when you will need the most help at home. Expect to have swelling, tenderness, tingling, short-term numbness, and bruising. You will not be able to use your arms, so plan to have a friend or family member stay with you. You will also need to avoid any strenuous activities and lifting with your arms until Dr. Balinger determines that the incision has started to heal properly.

How long will arm lift results last?

The results of brachioplasty in Houston may last for several years if you eat right, manage your weight, and exercise. The aging process and weight changes, including pregnancy, may cause sagging skin and fat buildup in the upper arms.

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