Personalized Reconstruction with Dr. Balinger

Under the Affordable Health Care Act, health insurance companies are required to cover some or all of the cost of breast reconstruction, and it is your right to undergo this procedure. The surgical approach needed will vary, woman to woman, and every breast reconstruction surgery is 100 percent customized.

Dr. Christopher Balinger is honored to be part of the healing process for women who have undergone breast cancer treatment and are seeking breast reconstruction as the final step in the journey to restored health. Dr. Balinger is a compassionate, talented surgeon with a boutique private practice in Houston, offering an outstanding level of personal care at every step of the process of breast reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Houston

This custom surgery can be performed at varying times, based on the individual woman's health and the process required in her case. If you are scheduled for a mastectomy or lumpectomy, planning your breast reconstruction before your surgery can be the best strategy. Some women can have breast reconstruction surgery in the same surgical appointment as the mastectomy. As a general overview, a woman should:

  • Be cancer-free and in good general health
  • Have completed all breast cancer treatment, with no future chemo or radiation needed
  • Be educated on the options for breast reconstruction
  • Understand the surgery, recovery, and what to expect in the final appearance

Dr. Balinger can work closely with your breast cancer surgeon in planning your reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction Options: What's Right for You?

Several options are possible in reconstructing a breast removed in a mastectomy or restoring a breast after lumpectomy.

Breast reconstruction with implants

The use of implants is one of the most common methods for breast reconstruction.

Immediate breast reconstruction

This procedure is appropriate for women who have completed all cancer treatments. Working closely with your breast surgeon, your breast reconstruction is performed in the same surgical appointment as the mastectomy. Your breast cancer surgeon may perform an advanced procedure called "nipple-sparing" mastectomy that preserves the nipple structure, along with the skin and tissue around the breast, allowing for an implant to be placed to restore the tissue removed in surgery.

Delayed reconstruction

Some women may not be candidates for breast reconstruction immediately after the mastectomy and will undergo a "delayed" reconstruction. This may be necessary for women who need to undergo a further course of treatment with chemo or radiation, or both. The process typically involves placing a tissue expander beneath the skin to create a pocket into which an implant will be placed once cancer treatment is completed and general health is restored.

Autologous Tissue Reconstruction

Your breast can be restored with your own natural tissue, harvested from another body area, called a "flap" technique. The tissues are harvested, transferred, and shaped, with the blood vessels reattached with microsurgery. As the breast is constructed out of harvested tissue, with the softness of natural breast tissue, you will need to plan for a longer recovery time.

The first step in planning your breast reconstruction is to meet with Dr. Balinger to discuss your options.

Why Choose Dr. Balinger for Breast Reconstruction?

If you are planning breast reconstruction, the relationship you have with your surgeon makes a difference. Dr. Balinger is a very talented plastic surgeon with a warm, compassionate personality and a profound dedication to helping women on the journey to healing.

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