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Breast Surgery in Houston, TX

Breast enlargement , breast reduction , breast lifts , and revision surgery are just some of the ways that we help patients feel more comfortable with their breast shape and size. Dr. Balinger offers breast surgery for men and women in Houston, Conroe, and the surrounding areas of Texas.


Breast surgery includes procedures for men and women that change the shape and size of the breasts. This may include making the breasts larger, smaller, symmetrical, or more pleasing to the eye.


The cost of breast enhancement for men and women varies and is based upon a personalized treatment plan that is developed during your free initial breast surgery consultation. Financing may be available for your breast surgery.

Breast Augmentation

$4,000 – $6,900
Breast augmentation allows women to add fullness to their breasts via breast implants

Breast Revision

$4,500 – $9,500
Breast revision may be recommended to remove or replace implants, as well as to correct any abnormalities that stem from prior breast surgeries

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

$5,000 – $8,500
Mastopexy lifts sagging breasts and is often recommended for women who have drooping breasts due to aging & after having children


$4,500 – $7,500
Gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes enlarged breasts in men, and male breast reduction removes excess fat and breast tissue

Breast Reduction

$6,000 – $9,500
If you have overly large breasts, Dr. Balinger may recommend breast reduction to decrease the size of your breasts

Breast Reconstruction

$4,500 – $9,500
Breast reconstruction is often performed after a woman has one or both breasts removed due to breast cancer,  it is also effective to remedy any type of trauma that causes a loss of breast tissue

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for breast surgery?

The ideal candidates for breast enlargement and other types of breast surgery are adult men and women who have realistic expectations of the procedure. Dr. Balinger explains the anticipated outcome as part of the free initial consultation.

How is breast surgery performed?

Breast surgery typically involves making incisions in the natural crease under the breast, around the areola or in the armpit. Dr. Balinger describes the technique that is to be used for your breast surgery during the consultation.

What is recovery like after breast surgery?

Recovery from breast enlargement and other breast surgeries may take a few weeks or longer, depending on the nature of the procedure. Some patients have residual swelling for up to one year. Other symptoms may include tenderness, loss of sensitivity in the nipples, pain, and tingling. Dr. Balinger monitors your progress and ensures that you are comfortable and healing properly.

How long will breast surgery last?

The results of breast enhancement are typically considered long-term, but changes in weight, aging, and other factors may cause changes to your breasts.

Dr. Christopher Balinger offers breast surgery for men and women in Houston, Conroe, and the nearby communities in Texas. Contact us today to schedule a free breast surgery consultation at our office in Houston or our office in Conroe.